Devices to Operate Bleachers

Friction Drive System

A series of electric drives are located under the first row in sufficient quantities necessary to move the system in and out effortlessly. Each tractor drive consists of two 12” wide x 6” diameter cylinder wheels covered with a specially formulated white 60 durometer soft-faced rubber grooved for positive grip and low wear while reducing stress on floor. The tractor is operated by a minimum ¼” HP gear reduction motor built into a height adjustable steel framework and containing additional weight plates for added traction where necessary. Our drive is the strongest in the industry able to push or pull 5,000 to 8,000 lbs. depending on motor and gearing. These drives operate from the hand-held pendant control (see image).

Pendant Control

The friction drive system operates from one central control box and a single plug-in, hand-held, low-voltage remote pendant controller which has, in addition to an in-and-out button, a left and a right jog button used to always allow for straight and true steering (steering provided where required). The standard system operates with 3 phase, 208 volt, 60 Hz power. Optional power source can be supplied as required.

Hydraulic Lift Cart

The hydraulic lift cart allows easy movement of portable bleachers. It has built in hydraulic pump lifts which engages the swivel wheel allowing movement, permitting multiple configurations and remote storage.

Portable Power Tractor Mule

The bleacher mule is a safe and economical way for one person to bring manually operated bleachers in and out. The mule permits one person to open and close manual sections of the bleacher by moving the tractor from section to section. It operates on standard 115 volt 20 amp service.

Operator Handle (Manual)

The operator handle is used to open and close manual bleachers. The operator handle is standard equipment that comes with manual bleachers and is easy to use. Simply hook the handle under the first row and move the manual bleacher section in or out. No need to bend and hurt your back.