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Telescopic Seating Solutions

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Cheer seating solutions

About Telescopic

Inspired Style. Maximum Flexibility.

At Sheridan Seating, we know your space needs a solution that fits. That’s why we’re committed to delivering a seating system that maximizes flexibility, style and safety.

From schools and auditoriums, to sports arenas and more, our reliable and easy-to-use telescopic seating systems are uniquely designed to play supporting role in your facility needs so your performances can shine.

The best part? Our seating systems are fully customizable, so you’ll never have to design your venue around our products. Our expert sales team will listen closely to your needs and develop a solution that checks all the boxes for your multi-use space.

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Exceptionally Strong. Extraordinarily Custom.

Rugged Engineering. North American Made.

At Sheridan Seating, we design products that look great and are built to last. We source the majority of our materials and components from North American suppliers so that you can feel 100% confident in our products.

Our rugged bleacher understructure is made from 100% North American steel and is the strongest on the market. Engineered with ¾” decking and 10 gauge tubing, and supported by four columns instead of only two, you’ll never question the toughness or durability of your Sheridan Seating system.

All of our telescopic seating systems are powered by an industry-leading 4 horsepower motor so your recoverable space will always be available at the touch of a button.
We proudly design and manufacture our seating systems in our home plant in Orillia, Ontario, Canada, where we stringently test and inspect each component before it leaves our facility to ensure a safe, top-quality product is delivered and installed every time.


Telescopic Seating Systems

Seating System

Blur the line between fans and action with our fully customizable RALLY bleacher seating system.

Explore Rally
Rally<sup>TM</sup> Seating System

CheerTM  Seating

Never sacrifice style, comfort or functionality with our Cheer platform seating system.

Explore Cheer
Cheer<sup>TM </sup> Seating System

Seating System

Indulge your guests with our largest and most luxurious platform seating system, Applaud.

Explore Applaud
Applaud<sup>TM</sup> Seating System


Your Space. Your Configuration.

We also know that creating a functional space takes creativity and ingenuity. Sheridan Seating’s selection of installation options and configurations means that your telescopic seats can function how you need them to – on and off game day.

Don’t miss out on recoverable space when your seating system is retracted. Choose from one of Sheridan Seating’s three installations options designed to maximize your venue’s space efficiency. With each option, Sheridan Seating’s custom understructure can seamlessly accommodate up to 50 telescoping rows.

Wall Attached Instalation

Adaptable and efficient, a wall-attached configuration ensures your space is easily recoverable and quick to turn over so you can get the most out of your facility. Easy to install in an existing venue, this option is great for retrofits and renovations.


Recessed seating
Hide your closed seats within a discrete wall pocket, such as under a balcony overhang or mezzanine, to maximize floor space and aesthetics when your bleachers or seats are stacked.

Reverse Fold

Volleyball game in gymnasium
Choose a reverse fold configuration when you need create additional space behind your seating set-up or divide your venue. Think practice space, dressing area or additional storage. Need a cleaner look? Add back panels and end curtains to hide the understructure and mechanics.

Choose from one of two standard chair mount options designed to meet your venue’s space and configuration needs.

Deck Mount: Mounted on the surface of your platform, this chair style allows for easy folding to stow away seats between rows. Available with an optional semi-automatic fold down device, chairs can be folded as the system is closed. Once opened, chairs are locked into place for safe and secure seating with less fuss. Dimensional requirements?

Nose Mount: Mounted to the nose of each platform level, these seats offer a chair with ergonomic construction that fits into a narrow envelope for low-rise retractable platforms. Sheridan’s upholstered nost mount style allows for additional seat padding for maximum comfort. Dimensional requirements?

Whether a fully manual or electric drive system is within your vision and budget, Sheridan Seating can recommend and install the best operating device for the job.

Manual: Manual operation is available for seating systems up to 15’ wide and 7 rows deep, and are installed with a standard operator handle. Easy to use, the operator handle hooks under the first row of bleachers and is used to guide the system sections in or out.

Manual systems can be upgraded with an optional Portable Power Tractor Mule. This bleacher mule is a safe and economical way for one person to make the job of opening and closing the bleachers easier and more efficient. Sheridan Seating’s Portable Power Tractor Mule operates on standard 115 volt 20 amp service.

Electric Friction Power: Our most requested operating system, Sheridan Seating’s friction drive system is the strongest on the market, able to push or pull up to 8,000 lbs. With higher horsepower and larger than average drive wheels (12” vs. industry-standard 4”), Sheridan’s friction drive system will ensure your venue turnover is quick and seamless – every time. Operable from a hand-held pendant control box with 3 phase, 208 volt, 60 Hz power and a left and right jog button to allow for straight and true steering when opening or closing the system.

Electric Non-Friction Power: This fully automated power system operates wall-attached, recessed or reverse-fold telescopic bleachers with the touch of a button. Typically recommended for larger telescopic seating systems, Sheridan’s non-friction drive system can move more rows faster and will less hassle than other options on the market – all without the need for traction force on your venue’s floor.

No one should have to miss out on the thrill of a moving performance, game-winning goal or inspiring presentation. That’s why Sheridan Seating proudly meets or exceeds industry standards in safety and accessibility on every install.

Not only that, but our fully ADA or RADA-compliant handrails are safe and stylish. Available in the painted finish of your choice, your seating system can be accented by a punch of colour in every row, or supporting by safety rails in muted tones that fade into the background.


End Rails:Sheridan Seating telescopic seating systems are installed with standard non-removable, self-storing rails for the ends of the bleacher platform systems.

Center Aisle Hand Rails: Available in P or D style, Sheridan Seating’s centre aisle hand rails are sturdy and user friendly. No removal required, they’re operable with the push of a button or in a simple pick-up and turn model. Removable options available when space limitations are a concern.

Back Rails: Required for use on portable or reverse fold bleachers, back rails fill the space anywhere that the bleacher is not directly against the wall.

Removable ADA Rail: This rail is used for ADA spaces that are recoverable when needed for standard seating. Simply remove the rail and the space can be converted to standard seating.

Non-Removable ADA Rail: The NRADA rail is permanently attached to prevent falls from the deck behind permanent ADA seating. All of Sheridan’s ADA rails meet required American Disabilities Act codes.


Delay Action Frame: The Delay Action Frame is a great option for venues that want an extra level of protection on their seating system. This frame operates on a time lag before the bleachers begin to move into the open or closed position.

Row Lock: Sheridan’s Row Lock is operated by gravity, with no springs needed. The row locking mechanism allows for the securement of any row in the open position so you can choose how many seats you’d like to make available. To prevent unwanted movement, the system is only operable upon unlocking and moving the first row of seats.


Bringing your venue's vision to life

Available in a wide range of styles, colours and finishes, Sheridan Seating’s seat and accessory options deliver the finishing touches your venue needs to take it from little league to world class.

15 Standard Colours. Endless Possibilities.

Available in 15 standard colours and endless custom hues, your venue’s formed-poly seats will be the star of the show. Incorporate patterns, symbols or your home team’s initials into your seating system design by using contrasting colours of seats.

If you’re looking for a more traditional look, Sheridan Seating offers a classic Southern Yellow Pine bench finish. Triple-sanded and finished with two coats of semi-gloss polyurethane, Sheridan’s wooden seats look great and are tough on wear and tear.

Swatch Wheel

End Curtains

Neatly cap off the end of your telescopic or fixed seating system with an end curtain. Available in 18 oz or 50 oz vinyl fabric and an endless selection of custom colours.

Divider Curtains

Easily divide one space into two with a Sheridan Seating divider curtain. Choose from three different styles and endless combinations of vinyl and mesh to enhance the look and feel of your facility. Available in 18 oz or 50 oz vinyl fabric.

Electric Fold-Up Curtain

Sheridan’s electric fold-up curtain can be installed onto any existing platform truss – telescopic or fixed. Operated with a key-activated electric switch, the curtain raises or lowers with the touch of a button. Available in single-wall or double-wall models.

Walk-Draw Curtain

The most economical divider curtain to purchase and maintain, Sheridan’s walk-draw curtains can be operated and stacked in a small building recess or flat again the wall. Available in vinyl,  nylon mesh or any combination of the two.

Wrap your venue in 360* of style with Sheridan Seating’s custom vinyl wraps. Available in vibrant, full-colour customizations, these eye-catching finishes are sure to inspire every guest.

Chair Options

Seat Selector

Standard with the RALLY seating system, Sheridan Seating’s bench-style seats are made from colour-fade and scuff-resistant polyethylene. Ergonomically formed, these plastic seats are easy on your seat and your bottom line. The bench seat’s compact design allows for the maximum number of seated guests in your venue. Also available with an optional backrest and upholstered finish.

Perfect for:
Gynasiums, Auditoriums, Arenas, and more.

Available with:
RALLY Bleacher System, Fixed Seating Systems, Portable Seating Systems, and more.

Cheer seating solutions

Sheridan Seating’s arena-style seat is available with both the CHEER and APPLAUD seating systems. With full back and arm rests, the arena seat will fit in almost anywhere – from school auditorium to sophisticated lecture hall.

Available in a wide variety of colours, styles and finishes, this ergonomic option delivers a refined seating experience while efficiently seating guests. Finish options include polyethylene, upholstered and wood, with optional cup holders, row number plates, and more.

Perfect for:
ESports Venues, Arenas, Stadiums, Gathering Places, Lecture Halls, and more.

Available with:
CHEER Seating System, APPLAUD Seating System, Fixed Seating Systems, Portable Seating Systems

Applaud seating solutions

Looking for the most luxurious seat on the market? We can help! When manufacturing  a custom-built APPLAUD seating system for our clients, Sheridan Seating partners with exceptional seat suppliers to source the right chair for the job. With this seat, you can customize every detail, from the finish and fabric stitching right down to the screw holes.

Perfect for:
Performing Arts Centres, Theatres, Auditoriums, Lecture Halls, and more.

Available with:
APPLAUD Seating System, Fixed Seating Systems, Portable Seating Systems, and more.

Tested Retractable Seating

Sheridan Code Compliance

Our Telescopic Bleachers meet the following codes:

ADA & ABA 2004 USA, IBC 2021 USA, NFPA-102 2021 USA, ANSI-300 2017 USA & CANADA, BOCA USA & CANADA, NFC Canada 2020, NBC Canada 2020, 2017 ICC 300, UL & ULC.

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