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Seating in Every Size

No matter the size or style of your venue, Sheridan Seating has a telescopic system that will help you seat your audience and maximize your recoverable space.

How Big is Your Venue?

Here are some ways we develop custom seating solutions for different sized venues and deliver the best seat in the house for every guest.

1,000 Seats or Less

Do you own an intimate venue space in need of a telescopic seating solution? These projects are small on space and big on flexibility.


Pool with spectator seating

1,000 to 3,000 seats

Seating a crowd? We have a wide range of seating solutions designed to maximize your audience size, and recoverable space.


Saville Centre - Cheer System - 1

3,000 to 5,000+ seats

Big venue, even bigger customization. Let Sheridan Seating develop a seating solution that delivers on size, style, comfort, and performance.


Retractable Stage - Cafeteria - Gatineau High School

Multipurpose Spaces

Do you need a seating or stage solution that’s as flexible as your space? Sheridan Seating’s suite of customizable solutions can be arranged and rearranged to meet your needs.



What Our Clients Are Saying

“It was really very smooth process work with the team at Sheridan. The technicians are well experienced and were able to understand my requirements thoroughly”

Andrew Singh Kooner
Andrew Singh Kooner Coach at Red Owl Boxing

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Malesuada Fames
Malesuada Fames Ante Ipsum

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SFU - Gymnasium CHEER Bleachers - 1

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