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ApplaudTM Seating System

Our largest and most luxurious platform seating solution, APPLAUD offers premium comfort and style for your guests.

Perfect for:

Performing Arts Centres Civic Centres Theatres and more



Plush & sophisticated with generous seat size

Seating Capacity

Seating capacity for maximum comfort and leg room


Designed with seating as a priority


Luxurious upholstered chairs with armrests


Delivers the best seating experience

Applaud seating solutions

Maximum Comfort and Class

Our largest and most luxurious platform seating solution, APPLAUD offers premium comfort and style for your guests.

Suitable for even the most sophisticated audience, this system is designed to support the deepest row spacing, most generous legroom and the exceptional comfort of world-class upholstered seats. Plus, Sheridan Seating’s rugged understructure engineering ensures this seating system is built to last.

The designer elegance of APPLAUD means not only will your venue’s atmosphere and talent impress your crowd, but so will your seats.


DESIGN CENTRE: Let’s bring your venue’s vision to life!

Available in a wide range of styles, colours and finishes, Sheridan Seating’s seat and accessory options deliver the finishing touches your venue needs to take it from little league to world class.

With nearly endless customizations available, you’ll never have to sacrifice functionality or comfort. Whether your seating system is fixed or telescopic, and no matter which style of seat you choose, your venue’s vision will extend from reception hall to centre stage.

Colour chart
15 Standard Colours. Endless Possibilities.

Available in 15 standard colours and endless custom hues, your venue’s formed-poly seats will be the star of the show. Incorporate patterns, symbols or your home team’s initials into your seating system design by using contrasting colours of seats.

If you’re looking for a more traditional look, Sheridan Seating offers a classic Southern Yellow Pine bench finish. Triple-sanded and finished with two coats of semi-gloss polyurethane, Sheridan’s wooden seats look great and are tough on wear and tear.

End Curtains

Neatly cap off the end of your telescopic or fixed seating system with an end curtain. Available in 18 oz or 50 oz vinyl fabric and an endless selection of custom colours.

Divider Curtains 

Easily divide one space into two with a Sheridan Seating divider curtain. Choose from three different styles and endless combinations of vinyl and mesh to enhance the look and feel of your facility. Available in 18 oz or 50 oz vinyl fabric.

Electric Fold-Up Curtain: Sheridan’s electric fold-up curtain can be installed onto any existing platform truss – telescopic or fixed. Operated with a key-activated electric switch, the curtain raises or lowers with the touch of a button. Available in single-wall or double-wall models.

Walk-Draw Curtain: The most economical divider curtain to purchase and maintain, Sheridan’s walk-draw curtains can be operated and stacked in a small building recess or flat again the wall. Available in vinyl,  nylon mesh or any combination of the two.

Wrap your venue in 360* of style with Sheridan Seating’s custom vinyl wraps. Available in vibrant, full-colour customizations, these eye-catching finishes are sure to inspire every guest.

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