Telescopic Bleachers & Platforms

We are the world’s leading supplier of superior auditorium seating and platforms with a reputation for building  platform seating to meet our customer’s needs. Sheridan offers telescopic platform seating for use in all multi purpose facilities such as arenas, performing arts centres, theatres and casinos. We can assist you in designing your seating to optimize the use of your space, while complying with specifications, construction differences and code requirements.

Telescopic Bleachers

All seats function on the telescopic principle and when closed, provide either a flat fold front or closed back. The operation of the seating is progressive and upon closing, all rows move to the closed position providing an increase of usable floor space. The system incorporates a locking mechanism provided by individual row locks or cylinder locks. These permit securement of any row in user position, and it operates only upon the unlocking and moving of the first row. All bleacher components are fabricated in our plant where they are stringently tested and inspected to ensure a safe, top quality seating system. Sheridan’s high density polyethylene modular seating are richly textured and available in 12 standard colors. The sculpt-formed seat is anatomically contoured with no planar surface to give a genuinely comfortable bleacher seat. The surface of the seat is a scuff resistant texture and the color is molded in so that it cannot wear off.

We also offer Southern Yellow Pine for the clients that prefer wood bench style seats. These seat boards have been finished in such a way that they are scuff resistant for high traffic areas. The seat modules are supplied with matching end caps. The wide color selection can give any room an aesthetically pleasing look. We can also supply a contrasting color for inlay lettering so that the client can include school or club names.  For devices on moving and operating bleachers, click here.

Theatre Platform

Sheridan offers platform seating for use in all multi-purpose facilities such as arenas, performing arts centers, civic centers and theatres.
Integral power assures accurate, quiet and dependable extension and closing to maximize facility changes and to minimize time required. Our system exceeds all systems in the industry by using a free-standing, four column construction design for rugged durability and offers you a strong, safe platform with your choice of floor coverings to suit your individual needs. We can assist you in designing your seating to obtain the maximum advantage of your space, while complying with code requirements, specifications and construction differences. We have access to all types and styles of chairs from a variety of specialized manufacturers that can be designed to integrate into our systems. We are a platform company first and we always design our systems to suit your facility and its unique characteristics. Unlike other platform suppliers, we can supply custom rise and run to meet any egress situations that your facility may have.

Arena Platforms

Sheridan has a long and successful history of arena work. We can provide fixed systems or fully interchangeable seating configurations including telescopic, removable, portable, infill sections and ‘elephant’ doors. Our arena seating comes with a variety of decks and seats to suit any budget or facility. We have completed small arenas, up to participation in NHL venues. We can assist in the design and provide seating systems that suit the characteristics of your facility. Our standard fixed galvanized bleacher with aluminum decks and plastic seats can be engineered to be telescopic. The decking can also be provided with lower cost options of coated plywood or pressure treated lumber. The seats can be a bench style, bench with back or full chairs with arms and backs. We are currently working with many seating manufacturers and can provide the client a wide selection of seats. We provide a complete range of accessories including hand rails, ADA sections, end panels, bridging, wheelchair ramps and platforms and multi-configuration panels, all to national and local code requirements.

Portable Bleachers

This unit is used where no permanent attachment point is available or multiple configurations are needed within the facility. Using the portable lift carts, the entire bleacher can be moved to various locations in the room. Read about the Hydraulic Lift Carts to transport portable bleachers in the Devices to Operate Bleachers page.

Wall Attached Bleachers

Sheridan Wall Attached Bleachers are permanently located telescopic bleachers. They are easy to operate and available in a variety of materials and colours. Units come with closed deck, intermediate aisle steps, centre aisle hand rails, ready rails and manual or integral power systems. See our section on safety rails in the tabs above for more details on hand rails and the accessories for more details on devices to move bleachers.

Recessed Bleachers

This model requires minimal space in the closed position. The unit normally fits into a pocket in a wall or under a balcony which allows for greater section and strength in the balcony cantilever, still allowing legal aisle step rise from bleachers to balcony.

Reverse Fold Bleachers

These units are floor attached at the first row. They open and close the opposite way and the stacked unit becomes a divider wall that separates the room.